How to put DevonThink links in Skim notes

For every book or paper that I read I create a new page in my wiki. The name of this page is created under the following template: Title - Author, for example "Deconstructing the Laws of Logic - Clark". In this page I keep all my notes and my thoughts concerning this paper. The pdf file is inside a DevonThink database. When I am reading a pdf I want to be able to use the DevonThink link without leaving Skim. To this end I wrote an AppleScript, which creates in the first page of a pdf four Skim notes, containing four different ways of constructing references using DevonThink links.
The fourth note is the simplest and contains the DevonThink url (x-devonthink-item://CDEC17B7-1EEE-42E1-B8C9-86A24C172BF3?page=0). Its extended text contains the title of the wiki page. 

The third note contains a MediaWIki internal link to the wiki page of this pdf followed by an external link to the pdf file itself.

The second note contains the necessary Latex code for creating a proper bibliography reference and a link to the exact pdf page using the hyperref package. The only things that are missing from the above code are the cite key (between the opening parenthesis and the colon) and the page numbers. As an example the complete second note is the following: 

(\cite{Deconstructing-the-Laws-of-Logic-Clark-2008a}: \href{x-devonthink-item://CDEC17B7-1EEE-42E1-B8C9-86A24C172BF3?page=}{})

As you can notice the cite key "Deconstructing-the-Laws-of-Logic-Clark-2008a" is quite long. I have chosen this because I want to recognize the reference just by looking in its cite key and not by trying to remember for example which paper Clark wrote on 2008...

The code for a bibliography reference to the third page of this paper which is in the 27th page of the Philosophy Journal is the following:

(\cite{Deconstructing-the-Laws-of-Logic-Clark-2008a}: \href{x-devonthink-item://CDEC17B7-1EEE-42E1-B8C9-86A24C172BF3?page=2}{27})

The first note contains the necessary MediaWiki code for creating a link to the excact pdf page which is compatible with LaTeX whenever you want to export the wiki text to Latex (more about this in a quite distant in time post...)

Now every time I want to create a link to a pdf file everything is at hand in one of these notes! 

The AppleScript code which makes all the above possible is the following: 
tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"
    set these_items to the selection
    if these_items is {} then error "Please select some contents."
    repeat with this_item in these_items
        set RecordLink to the reference URL of this_item
        set DevonThinkLink to RecordLink & "?page=0"
        set PdfPath to get the path of this_item
        set PdfName to the name of this_item
        tell application "Skim"
            open PdfPath
            tell page 1 of document 1
                make note with properties {type:anchored note, bounds:{523, 820, 540, 820}, text:"(<rawtex></rawtex>: [" & RecordLink & "?page=])", extended text:DevonThinkLink}
                delay 0.1
                make note with properties {type:anchored note, bounds:{523, 800, 540, 800}, text:"(: \\href{" & RecordLink & "?page=}{})"}
                delay 0.1
                make note with properties {type:anchored note, bounds:{523, 780, 540, 780}, text:"([[" & PdfName & "]]: [" & RecordLink & "?page=])"}
                delay 0.1
                make note with properties {type:anchored note, bounds:{523, 760, 540, 760}, text:DevonThinkLink, extended text:PdfName}
            end tell
            save document 1
            delay 1
            close document 1
        end tell
    end repeat
end tell
In my post "How to create correctly the Skim notes which have the DEVONthink links, when you have already annotated the first page of the PDF document" there is an improved version of the above AppleScript. The newer one solves a problem which appears when you want a third AppleScript to use the aforementioned Skim notes like the AppleScript in my post "Automated creation of a LaTeX compatible citation only from Skim! (with hyperlink included)". Moreover it creates a fifth note for which there is detailed information in my post "Latin page numbers, Arabic page numbers and the fifth Skim note".


Anonymous said...

Does this export script essentially need TextMate as editor for some specific feature (If yes, why?), or would it be possible with other editor as well, e. g. TextEdit or freeware text editors?

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

p.s. sorry, my question was referring to the other script for automatic summary creation (http://organognosi.blogspot.com/2011/02/automated-summary-creation-linked-with.html)


Euboulides said...

No, you can use any text editor as long as it supports AppleScript and has a command that can substitute the use of "insert" command in my AppleScript.